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snowcanonThe austrian scientist Michael Bacher presented at TMI before an artificial snow cloud. It produces 15 cubic meters of fresh snow out of one cubic meter of water. Lautenbacher says that the operation of the cloud is much cheaper and more efficient than conventional snow cannons. The cannons would need more than seven times more water for the same amount of snow. In addition, the snow from the cloud is equal to real snow. In Obergurgl (Austria) the artificial cloud is tested now for several months.

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However, new technologies are to be used in other areas of tourism. Peter Mirsky from MCI and Dietmar Kilian of the PDAGroup went to the question of how industry and tourism can be better connected. “Tourism is an ideal test-bed for industrial innovation,” says Kilian. Sustainable and efficient tourism is the goal. Guests will enjoy the new and individual services with new technologies. At the same time an incentive for companies to leave their location in Europe.

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