Seashells are harder than ceramics and can be printed by your desktop 3D printer?

sea_shellFor example, an abalone shell is stronger than high-tech ceramics because of its internal structure. Diatom shells are made of silica (glass), but they are extremely strong because of their stress-distributing pattern of holes.cutter

Like nature, 3-D printers can excel at building complex structures from simple materials, said Benyus. Both use an additive process, meaning larger pieces are built up from smaller ones.


Technical application:

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Bionic application:

sea shells

Further description:

In contrast, conventional industrial manufacturing is typically subtractive: Pieces are cut out of rolls of prefashioned material, or extracted from natural resources like ore or timber. The problem with that approach is it creates a lot of waste. A leaf isn’t cut out of a roll of green stuff.

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More facts about citin from Max-Plank-Institute in Germany:

Physical effects applied:








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