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DNA will rule Mass-Data-Storage

DNA-photo1DNA is a complex biomolecule which is embedded in the cells of all living organisms.  DNA consists of two intertwined chains of simpler molecules. The arrangement of these units serves as a blueprint or recipe for the structure and internal activity of plants, animals, and people. Life is incredibly complex, and much guiding information is needed. Just one gram of DNA holds as much information as one trillion compact discs. Obviously, such computer storage capacity lies far beyond our technology.

Technical application:

mass storage

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sugar for Vaccines conservation

vaccinesNova’s stabilisation platforms are based on a sugar-glass stabilization concept. The inspiration for this technology arose from observations of anhydrobiotic organisms, such as the Resurrection Plant (Selaginella lepidophylla), which can protect themselves from extreme desiccation. Such organisms survive in drought conditions by producing high concentrations of particular sugars in their tissues. These sugars solidify as a glass during dehydration, preserving the cells and tissues in a state of suspended animation. When water is once again available the glass dissolves away, allowing normal biological functions to resume.

Technical application:

vaccines conservation

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Bees manage the grid

bee_swarm REGEN Energy is a technology company, founded on the basis of biomimicry, whose founders set out to
powergrid transform the energy efficiency landscape and develop a sophisticated new energy management technology

based on the communication patterns of honeybees.

Technical application:

organize complex power grids

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Spider Web Glass

Certain spiders protect their delicately crafted insect nets with a special silk rope that reflects ultraviolet rays. Birds can see the ultraviolet rays and recognize the webs as obstacles they should avoid.


If engineers can reproduce the effect, it might save birds from their occasional accidental suicide runs into glassy buildings. German engineers at Arnold Glas copied the spiders and glazed their Ornilux-brand glass with a web-like pattern of ultraviolet-reflecting coating to save the birds from high-speed headaches.

Technical application:

innovative glas against birds collision

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Seashells are harder than ceramics and can be printed by your desktop 3D printer?

sea_shellFor example, an abalone shell is stronger than high-tech ceramics because of its internal structure. Diatom shells are made of silica (glass), but they are extremely strong because of their stress-distributing pattern of holes.cutter

Like nature, 3-D printers can excel at building complex structures from simple materials, said Benyus. Both use an additive process, meaning larger pieces are built up from smaller ones.


Technical application:

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Self healing materials

genMany processes in organisms based on the self-organization of biological components. For materials scientists, such substances are a dream: you react autonomously to their environment and can adapt to this different conditions. At the U.S. MIT researchers aim to produce such wonders molecules artificially.

Technical application:

self healing materials

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