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Harvest gold out of plants – Phytomining

The technique of phytomining involves growing a crop of a metal-phyto-mining-300x250hyperaccumulating plant species, harvesting the
biomass and burning it to produce a bio-ore. In the first phytomining experiment, it was found that a yield of 100 kg/ha of sulphur-free Ni could be produced.

Technical application:

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synthetic cloud snows austria

snowcanonThe austrian scientist Michael Bacher presented at TMI before an artificial snow cloud. It produces 15 cubic meters of fresh snow out of one cubic meter of water. Lautenbacher says that the operation of the cloud is much cheaper and more efficient than conventional snow cannons. The cannons would need more than seven times more water for the same amount of snow. In addition, the snow from the cloud is equal to real snow. In Obergurgl (Austria) the artificial cloud is tested now for several months.

Technical application:

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leaf-solar collector; make your own hydrogen

leaf Solar energy is a popular topic today, and plants provide us with ideas for efficient collection of sunshine energy. During photosynthesis, sunlight converts carbon dioxide into water and sugars which nourish the plant. Worldwide, the daily rate leaf2of solar energy absorption by vegetation is six times greater than the output of all the world’s power plants.

Technical application:

produce energy (e.g. hydrogen)

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sugar for Vaccines conservation

vaccinesNova’s stabilisation platforms are based on a sugar-glass stabilization concept. The inspiration for this technology arose from observations of anhydrobiotic organisms, such as the Resurrection Plant (Selaginella lepidophylla), which can protect themselves from extreme desiccation. Such organisms survive in drought conditions by producing high concentrations of particular sugars in their tissues. These sugars solidify as a glass during dehydration, preserving the cells and tissues in a state of suspended animation. When water is once again available the glass dissolves away, allowing normal biological functions to resume.

Technical application:

vaccines conservation

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Desert beatle help us to harvest water

desertbeatleTo drink water, the S. gracilipes stands on a small ridge of sand using its long, spindly legs.


Technical application:

water bottles, tents for refugees, Steam Power Condensers, Refrigeration, Atmospheric Water Generation

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