bionic penguin as diving robot

penguin1 penguin2‘Nature demonstrates how maximum performance can be achieved with minimum energy consumption,’ a Festo spokesman said.

“The life-size bionic birds are hydrodynamic and can turn like real penguins because of the flexible glass fibre rods that control their heads.

Technical application:

submarine, airship

Bionic application:


Further description:

The creatures are propelled by elegant wings that also enable them to manoeuvre in small spaces. Each wing is formed from a spring steel skeleton covered with elastic silicon. This allows the flippers to twist at an ‘optimal angle’ for each stroke.

And unlike their real-life counterparts they can even swim backwards.

Each robot also carries 3D sonar, a concept borrowed from dolphins, that helps them to orientate themselves and communicate with each other to prevent collisions.”

Physical effects applied:






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